Paul Smith 

Paul L. Smith
December 16, 1932 - May 10, 2019

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Dr. Paul L. Smith passed away on May 10, 2019 after a short illness.  He enjoyed 86 years of hijinks, discovery and love. Growing up in rural Missouri, he quickly discovered he liked math, sports and girls (and definitely not farm work!). Math earned him scholarships to Carnegie Tech, sports earned him broken noses and not much glory, and girls brought him pleasure and trouble! At college he learned a love of academia, garnering a PhD in electrical engineering and multiple accolades. He met his future wife, Mary "Cissie" Noel while attending college; they married and remained together until her passing in 2000.

Paul joined the faculty at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology beginning in 1966. He started as a research engineer in the Institute of Atmospheric Science, working his way up the ladder as chief engineer to engineering group head and senior scientist. He was named Director of the Institute in 1981. He served in that position until retiring from full-time duties in 1996. He continued to work supporting the T-28 airborne weather research program, in addition to publishing papers and acting as technical advisor in various projects. He retained the position of professor emeritus, having a continuous presence on the SDSM&T campus until his death.

Paul was an ardent supporter of multiple charitable organizations including the Lions Club, his church and college fraternity. Paul spent his later years touring Ireland and Scotland where he made many new friends.

A life well lived is a blessing and an inspiration. We are grateful for the time we had, the love we shared and the lessons we learned. We all are better people for knowing Paul L. Smith; he left the world better than he found it.