In 1954, the SDSM&T Endowment Association was chartered as a not-for-profit South Dakota corporation and was designated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

In 1980, the SDSM&T Foundation evolved from the SDSM&T Endowment Association. The Foundation Office opened and efforts were initiated to solicit funds for SDSM&T.

In 1994, the Arch was adopted as the official logo of the Foundation.

In 2000, the SDSM&T Foundation celebrated the successful completion of its first-ever capital campaign, VISION 2000, raising over $20 million for scholarships, faculty support, and department support.


The SDSM&T Foundation exists solely to assist the University in providing exceptional intellectual, professional and personal development opportunities. We seek the required resources to enhance these opportunities to enrich and empower the individual's attainment of outstanding educational experiences, professional accomplishments and lifetime learning experiences to address society's needs through technology.

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