Mineral Industries

SD Mines is one of only five US universities offering undergraduate majors in geology and geological engineering, mining engineering, and metallurgical engineering. All of these SD Mines majors are strong and growing programs, with enrollments in each department exceeding 100 undergraduate students.

The ultimate goal of the Mineral Industries Initiative is to create an environment that supports the delivery of a multi-discipline curriculum and research program. The following are the expected outcomes to achieve this goal:

  1. Improved learning experiences that incorporate the latest tools and technologies both within the classroom and in the laboratory, thereby ensuring a consistent pipeline of high-quality graduates;
  2. More effective recruitment of prospective students and faculty, as a modern facility will be a significant attraction to study and work at SD Mines;
  3. Ability to adapt quickly to growth in both student and faculty numbers through more efficient use of space;
  4. Increased interaction and cooperation of the mineral industries programs within the classroom and the laboratory to provide graduates with a greater respect and knowledge of all MI disciplines;
  5. Increased opportunities for student collaboration with MI companies through interative classrooms, student and faculty team areas, and laboratory facilities;
  6. Enhanced ability to collaborate with the other MI universities across the country and internationally and to share educational and research resources between these institutions.

The building transformation will be carried out in phases. Equipment upgrades will be transferrable into the newly renovated space, likely during the first phase of the project. Remodeling work is expected to be required during the academic year, although major structural renovations are expected to occur during summers of 2020 and 2021. The renovation is envisioned to be completed vertically to best accommodate the new HVAC system, and minimize disruptions to all classrooms and laboratory space. Tentative completion of the project is 2022.

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