Gifts of Stock

Gifts of marketable securities, stock, or closely held stock can be advantageous ways to make a substantial contribution to support SD Mines. If they have increased in value over the past 12 months, they are a win-win opportunity for you under current tax laws. Such gifts should be discussed with professionals from the Foundation prior to the time the gift is made.

Gifts of stock, bonds, treasuries and mutual funds that have appreciated provide an immediate benefit to SD Mines and tax savings for you.

The Benefits to You

  • Current income tax saving

  • Bypass capital gains

Stock Power

An individual can gift stock to the SD Mines Foundation, take a charitable deduction for the fair market value, and not pay taxes on the capital gains portion of the gift value. The gift value is established by the mean between the stock high and low price on the date of transfer.

If the stock certificate is mailed to us, the postmark determines the date of transfer. If the stock is wire transferred from your broker to the Foundation brokerage account, the transfer is not complete until the shares are received at the SD Mines Foundation.

For wire transfers, please contact Lana Thom, Director of Financial Services, SD Mines Foundation, (800) 211-7591.

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