Where to Give



The need for a strong, consistent scholarship program at the School of Mines will always exist. As many School of Mines alumni will testify, receiving a scholarship can help a student pave the way to reaching his or her dreams and ambitions. Scholarship support not only assists deserving students, but is also essential to increasing general student enrollment at the School of Mines.

  • Freshman recruitment scholarships
  • Multi-year retention scholarships
  • Academic excellence scholarships
  • Department specific scholarships
  • Diversity focused and graduate fellowships
  • Athletic scholarships


Endowed Chairs: An endowed chair is one of the highest honors bestowed upon an academic institution and its faculty. By providing salary, benefits, and operating support, the chair holder is able to focus on breakthroughs and discoveries in education and research.

Endowed Professorships: Faculty salaries are generally provided by the state. The state, however, does not provide sufficient supplemental support for research and teaching projects. Professorships can make up this difference, empowering the School of Mines to remain competitive in attracting and retaining outstanding professors.

Faculty Initiatives Fund: State funding is not currently available for new faculty start-up packages, lab purchases, or special projects. One of the most effective ways to help faculty succeed is to provide initial funding to fill this gap and allow them to thrive.

Student Experience

The college learning experience includes not only time spent in the classroom and laboratories but also the activities and experiences shared on and off campus. Funding for student experiences allows students to achieve their goals through:

  • Unrestricted (Area of Greatest Need)
  • Academic Department Support
  • Co-Curricular Programs and Competitions
  • Library Resources
  • Athletics

Capital Improvements

The institution's physical environment impacts every aspect of campus performance. The campus continues to strive to provide the best possible environment through the investments of its many stakeholders: alumni, friends, companies, and city, state, and federal agencies. Recent projects include:

Under Review

  • Research Center
  • Field House
  • Event Center