Energy Resources (ERI)

Building on SD Mines' rich heritage in natural resources and supporting core programs, the Energy Research Initiative (ERI) promotes interdisciplinary opportunities in teaching and research. The ERI fills a niche by combining physical science and engineering principles to meet the growing demands of the energy industry. In 2017, Dan Soeder was hired as director of the ERI and is continuing to secure funding to support the missions of ERI:

  1. to provide the oil and gas industry with relevant scientific and engineering research to help address resource assessments, materials engineering, recovery efficiency, and environmental problems related to the development of oil and gas,

  2. engage SD Mines students in this research to provide exposure to fossil fuel and other energy resources as a potential career field while gaining experience solving practical problems of interest to potential future employers, and

  3. expand SD Mines energy research beyond the region into national and international projects, and into related areas, such as high and low temperature geothermal energy, radioactive waste isolation, energy storage, carbon dioxide sequestration, and environmental monitoring.

We continue to invite stakeholders and interested parties to share ideas and expertise and to join the collaboration of support for the ERI.

Please visit the ERI website for detailed information about the program, updates on upcoming events, and more.