Carole S. Chiang
April 8, 1932 - May 16, 2019


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Carole S. Chiang, 87, of Hamden, CT, formerly of Rapid City, SD, died peacefully Thursday, May 16, 2019, at the Regency House. She was the loving wife of Chao-Wang Chiang and mother to Willie, Manny, Anne, and Cathy Chiang.

She was born in Henan, China, April 8, 1932, a daughter of the late Meng-Chia and Shu-hui Tien. She was part of a large extended family with uncles who served as governors of Chinese provinces. Her family moved to Taiwan in 1948. She attended Taiwan University and Marquet University in Wisconsin.

Carole and Chao-Wang were married in 1960 and lived in Taiwan, Wisconsin, New York, Colorado and Brazil. They made their home in Rapid City, SD, for 39 years before moving to Connecticut in 2013.

Carole was a wonderful mother, wife and small business entrepreneur. Just as her cooking was indescribably delicious, she added a unique, special ingredient to the lives of everyone she touched by her grace, warmth, and positive thinking.