Mines Annual Fund

Many of our past and current successes can be attributed to the generous contributions of alumni, friends, faculty, staff, corporations, and foundations to support the many specific needs of our outstanding institution. As we look to the future, we see fast-changing needs that require flexible resources to support ever-evolving demands.

The Mines Annual Fund, or unrestricted giving, provides a foundation on which university operations and programs rest. These gifts broadly support our efforts to provide student scholarships as well as faculty, department, and program support. Contributions to the Mines Annual Fund, no matter the amount, have an immediate effect on the university's ability to provide students an affordable, world-class education that is highly personal and life-changing. Donors who provide an annual gift of $1,000 ($84 per month*) or greater will become exclusive members of the President's Circle with the privileges defined by their giving levels.

*recurring payment option is available here.