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Criteria: Athletic football scholarship
Background: Demonstrates qualities of 1951 team (never give up, works hard) The 1951 football team won the division championship for the first time in the history of the football program at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Jim Smith was the quarterback of that team and spearheaded the effort to establish the 1951 Football Spirit Award through contributions from his fellow teammates.

The following information comes from the “1951 Football Brochure”.

The number one objective of the administration of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is to provide the prospective engineering student with the finest training possible for his future profession. With this in mind it is obvious that any athletic program must receive only a secondary emphasis but still must provide the future engineer with something that can benefit him later in life.

The athletic department would like to feel that the existing program can do for the engineer what John Tunis had in mind when he said, “The deep objective of games really is to train one’s reflex of purpose to develop a habit of keeping steadily at something you want until it is done.”

The Season’s Outlook
The 1951 Hardrocker grid machine will operate with only three full fledged 1950 offensive starters. With these starters will be men who lettered as reserve performers or played strictly on the defense the past year. There is not a single “T” quarterback on hand with any game experience. The one returning regular back is Doug Blackwell, 174 pound senior right half who is after his fourth letter. His main help should come from 162 pound Bill Yates, who will do some punting, 176 pound Gene Skinner, who will run from fullback, and 143 pound Jack Wright, who played every minute of 1950 as a defensive safety man.

In the line the returning offensive starters are Ralph Teslow, 171 pound center, and Tom Mohr, 185 pound tackle. Letter winners who should help here are Bill Hoffman and Jim Carr, ends Wallace Larsen, a tackle, and Paul Aggergaard, a guard.

Bob Christensen, 150 pounds, and John Anderson, 162 pounds, two light but scrappy linebackers are being counted on for more of the same in ’51.

With freshman help sadly lacking, the Miners will have to hustle to improve on last year’s 3 win and 5 defeat record. And improve they did! The 1951 football team, showing incredible spirit, won the South Dakota Inter-Collegiate (SDIC) division championship for the first time in the history of SDSM&T. The members of that championship team are as follows:

The 1951 Football Champions Endowment – Team Roster
Name                           Position      _#_       Year      Major      Class Year
Aggergaard, Paul      Guard          32          Senior    Phys    ’52
Anderson, John          Center       66          Junior
Atkinson, Edwin       Back             90       Junior       MinE      ’53
Ausman, Even End 58 Freshman
Backhaus, Earl Guard 84 Freshman ME’55
Baumgartner, Vincent End 80 Freshman
Binney, Charles Back 68 Senior GenE’52
Blackwell, Douglas Back 88 Senior MetE’52
Bowen, Dale Back 79 Freshman EE’55
Bridenbaugh, Dale End 36 Sophomore ME’55
Burnham, Tom Tackle 43 Junior MetE’53
Carlevato, Harold Back 72 Senior MinE’52
Carr, James End 76 Senior MinE’52
Christensen, Robert Back 81 Senior ME’52
Erickson, John Duff Back 75 Freshman MinE’55
Evans, Gary End 67 Freshman Chem’55
Fenton, Oscar Guard 35 Junior CE’53
Garhart, Jack Back 73 Junior GeolE’53
Hart, Thomas Back 85 Freshman MinE’55
Heald, Kenneth Center 87 Freshman CE’55
Hoffman, William End 42 Senior Phys’52
Houska, Robert Tackle 41 Freshman
Johnson, Walter Guard 83 Junior GenE’53
Kappenman, Lawrence End 71 Freshman
Larsen, Wallace Tackle 37 Junior MinE’53
Matson, Lyle Center 74 Sophomore Chem’54
McDonnell, Ronald Guard 33 Sophomore
Misterek, Dewayne End 29 Freshman CE’55
Mohr, Tom Tackle 28 Senior MinE’52
O’Brien, Terry Back 64 Freshman
Olberts, Duane Tackle 40 Senior ME’52
Pavlat, John Tackle 69 Freshman EE’52
Roadifer, Jack End 82 Freshman GeolE’55
Sayre, William Guard 25 Freshman
Skinner, Eugene Back 77 Junior GeolE’53
Smith, James Qtrback 27 Senior Chem’52
Stebbins, Billy End 31 Sophomore ME’55
Teslow, Ralph Center 30 Senior CE’52
Turner, Robert Back 38 Senior CE’52
Van Duzee, Tom Guard 86 Sophomore
Voyen, James Back 70 Junior CE’53
Walker, Ralph Guard 45 Junior CE’56
Willging, William Tackle 78 Senior GeolE’52
Wright, John (Jack) Back 63 Senior CE’52
Yates, William Back 59 Junior EE’53
Yeager, Howard Guard 26 Freshman EE’60

The Athletic Staff – 1951
Dr. H. B. Goodell serves in the capacity of Director of Athletics, Head of the Health Service and Head Track Coach. A ranking professional boxer at the ripe age of 17, Dr. Goodell left the fight game to enroll at the University of Washington where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1930. In 1935 he received his D.S.C. from Colorado College of Chiropody, and has worked towards his Master’s degree at the University of Wyoming. During his 20 years at the Mines, Dr. Goodell introduced both boxing and wrestling, and has at one time or another coached all the other varsity sports. Prior to 1939 his boxers were unbeaten in dual competition. Dr. Goodell is widely known for his lectures at coaching schools and clinics. He has authored several publications on the treatment and care of athletic injuries. Due to his extensive work in these fields he is listed in “Who’s Who in the Midwest”, published by the A. N. Marquis Company, publishers of “Who’s Who in America.”

Barney Lewellyn, the head football coach, is starting his fifth year on the School of Mines athletic staff. Barney, a native of Des Moines, IA, graduated from Iowa State Teachers College in 1941 where he participated in football and wrestling, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education. He added his Master of Arts degree to this from the University of Iowa in 1949. Three years of coaching in the Iowa high schools preceded his appointment to the Mines’ staff in the fall of 1947. Against conference opposition Barney’s Hardrockers have won 11 times, been defeated 9 times, and have tied 3 games. Against all opposition they have won 14 times, lost 13 and have tied 4. Barney also handles the school’s wrestling program, assists with track and teaches in the required Physical Education department. Barney is retired and lives in Minnesota.

Bob Hunt, a standout athlete at Rapid City high school came back home in the fall of 1946 to serve the Mines as Head basketball coach, Director of the intra-mural program and in the fall serving as backfield coach for the football squad. Bob graduated from Iowa State Teachers College in 1941 where he continued to be outstanding in basketball and track. He has received his Master of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska. A successful coaching tenure in the Iowa high schools was a major factor in Bob’s appointment to the School of Mines Athletic staff. Despite the fact that Hunt’s basketball teams have been characterized by lack of height and speed, he has managed to win 45% of his games against all opposition during the past five years and his intra-mural program is one of the finest in this section of the country. Bob is retired and lives in Rapid City, SD.

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